Welcome to the Inukshuk Housing Co-operative

Welcome…to our Co-op and to Co-op living. As a small community inside the City of Yellowknife, we work together to maintain an affordable, safe and social community. Please take a look around our website and see why our Inukshuk Co-op is part of a growing movement in Canada and just maybe the next place for you and your family to live.

Inukshuk News

June 8, 2014 – Annual summer clean up. Thanks to everyone who came out. The place is looking great. Just a friendly reminder to continue to do upkeep around your unit to ensure the coop stays this way.

October 28, 2012 – Annual General Meeting held. Members approved a $500 surcharge, payable by December 21. Members can also opt to pay $600 in $50 per month installments the following year. 2013 Housing charges remain unchanged from 2012.

Aug, 2010 – A new heating oil boiler arrives to replace one of the original boilers. This brings up our heating sources to one pellet boiler, one new heating oil boiler and one older boiler.

March, 2010 – With funding assistance from the NWT Housing Corporation, the Inukshuk will undergo a much needed upgrade to our aging sewage lines in the Co-op.

Jan, 2010 – Inukshuk in cooperation with Arctic Green Energy looks at huge heating savings by installing a pellet boiler. Over the 1st year 10-15% savings were realized in fuel costs. The pellet boiler is sized to handle 90% of the Co-op’s heating needs.

Inukshuk Events

Tasks for which members can volunteer to meet the requirement to put in at least 30 hours annually of work to support the Co-operative. This is an average of just over half an hour per week.

  1. Clean-up around the two garbage bins when needed.
  2. Traffic volunteer. Call By-law for vehicles parked in fire zones, enforce parking requirements, enforce wrong-way driving at entrance and exit.
  3. Committee member (Social, Maintenance, Membership, Finance).
  4. Member of the Board of Directors (to be chosen at AGM in October)
  5. Maintainer of volunteer records
  6. Maintenance of community centre (cleaning, shovel steps)
  7. Snow shovelling (handicapped unit ramps, sidewalks from sidewalk and parking lot to community centre)
  8. Repairs
  9. Moving (dump runs, removing appliances left behind, etc.)
  10. Work bees

If you want to volunteer for any of these tasks, or if you have ideas for other ways you or a member of your household can contribute to the co-operative, please e-mail inukshuksecretary@gmail.com.