Inukshuk Governance

Governance & Management Structure at Inukshuk Co-op

The Inukshuk Housing Cooperative is managed by its members, its Board of Directors and a part-time property coordinator and bookkeeper. Through meetings of the General Membership, the members:

  • set policy
  • set budgets
  • set monthly fees
  • elect directors
  • terminate membership
  • make and change bylaws and policies
  • hear reports from the various committees

The elected Board of Directors are responsible for the day to day management and administration of the cooperative. The Board and the membership can delegate responsibilities to committees of the cooperative. In addition, Inukshuk Co-op employs a part-time property coordinator, a bookkeeper and authorizes contract work for services that cannot be provided on a voluntary basis.

Board of Directors – up to 7 Members

VP / Maintenance liaison

Treasurer / Finance liaison

Secretary / Website, Newsletter Committee liaison

Members at large responsible for Membership, Green & White, and Social Committees liaison.

The Board oversees the general operations of the Co-operative.

Maintenance Committee

The Maintenance Committee is broken down into a VP Maintenance, Chairperson and Block Representatives plus a representative from the Green and White Committee. The Committee arranges the annual unit inspections as well as move in/move out inspections. They also work on budget planning and long term maintenance objectives.

Green & White Committee

The Green and White Committee is a Committee that plans and handles winter snow clearing and summer landscaping work.

  • Hedge and tree trimming
  • Ensuring that the common areas are mowed and maintained and garbage is cleaned up
  • Addressing landscaping requirements such as drainage
  • Snow removal on sidewalks and steps to common areas and buildings
  • Assist with planning snow removal on the main roads
  • Garbage Bin area cleanups

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee looks after the interviewing process as well as assisting the Maintenance Committee with move in/move out inspections. The Committee arranges and conducts the first interview with potential members. They also review applications and work on new procedures relating to their Committee. The Membership Committee is also responsible for conducting the Orientation Sessions for the Co-op.

Social Committee

This Committee looks after event planning for adults and kids. We try to have 3 or 4 events a year including meet and greet evenings to introduce new members.

Newsletter and Website Committee

This Committee works on a quarterly publication of the newsletter and the website. We try to keep members abreast of items happening in the Co-op as well as pictures of our members and kids. The newsletter is used for advertising for members for this interested and various other tidbits. Each Committee usually reports through the newsletter as well.

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