About Inukshuk Housing Co-op

A Little History

  • July 1986 – First meeting of the Inukshuk Housing Cooperative by a small group of individuals who discussed the possibility of forming a housing CO-OP. Reasons for a CO-OP at that time was shortage of housing and cost of housing and the need for affordable and well-constructed housing.
  • Sept 1986 – Went public and elected the first Board of Directors and received first applications to join the CO-OP.
  • Feb 1987 – Purchase of the land for the CO-OP.
  • Nov 1987 – Opening of tenders for construction. Architects were Willfrid Ussner Architect of Vancouver, BC and the General Contractor was Hovat Construction of Yellowknife.
  • Jan-Feb 1988 – Construction started for the units.
  • Dec 1988 – First members moved in.
  • July 1989 – Official opening of the Inukshuk CO-OP


The Inukshuk Housing Co-operative is a typical Co-op that works together to meet common needs and to achieve the potential of affordable housing for all members. The Inukshuk Housing Cooperative is managed by its members, its Board of Directors and a part-time Property Coordinator.


At the Inukshuk Co-op we have 50 units that come equipped with air exchange units, and a variety of layouts. Members are responsible for providing their own washer and dryer unit. The units come in two, three and four bedroom units. Each unit has at least one electrical parking site. In addition we have a Co-op Community Center that houses the Property Coordinator’s office, central boiler system and a meeting space.

We have the following units in the Co-op:

7 – 2 Bedroom Units
13 – 3 Bedroom Row Units
4 – 3 Bedroom Carport Units
7 – 3 Bedroom Tower Units
15 – 4 Bedroom Row Units
4 – 4 Bedroom Carport Units

Our housing charges are adopted by members each September at the annual AGM for the coming year starting January 1 and ending Dec 31.

All monthly rates include heat. We have a central boiler system consisting of a Pellet Boiler and two oil fired boilers as backup to serve all 50 units through a heating utilidor system.